Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Time of Her Life III

For those that have recently linked to me, thank you so much. I will return the favor soon, but remember that I'm the luddite, and sometimes need help navigating the electronic world. And as always, apologies for the time between chapters to this tale---think of it as being like the Heinz catsup ad...anticipation. For those just joining this story, read back to parts I and II.

* * * * *

He reached for his cock and started to stroke it absentmindedly, as she continued to move her tongue back and forth, trying desperately to match his lazy rhythm, and unconsciously I reached to the front of my jeans and mimiced his movements. For just a moment or two everyone was lost in movement, and we all remained stationery and silent, far away in thought, each of us concentrating on pleasuring ourselves or others, she with her tongue buried deep in his crotch, her nose pressed against his butt, he with his hand moving slowly up and down the length of his cock, my hand matching his motion.

Slowly he stepped back behind her, and her head moved back to a vertical position, her eyes half closed still, her hands now on the tops of her thighs, as she waited. "You can touch yourself now, slowly, left hand only, slowly," he told her, and she reached with her left hand, her off hand, the hand she normally didn't use for this, pulling away the small triangle of silk with her right hand, her left hand diving into her groin, two fingers extended, moving slowing up and down, a small groan escaping from deep in her throat, her eyes now closing as she travelled far away in her sensation.

"Are you wet, you slut? Are you dripping?", he asked, bringing her back to the reality of the room and the presence of her position. She nodded, and continued to move her two fingers back and forth, her right hand now reaching in to part her lips, her left hand moving slightly faster. "Take those two fingers and put them inside, deep inside, feel your own juices." And he moved around and stood before her. "I want you to take those two fingers and make them as well as you can with your own slime, and I want you to paint the head of my cock with all that wetness. Do you understand me?"

And once again, she could only nod as she moved to do exactly what he told her to do, what he commanded her to do, moving forward slightly on her parted knees, reaching as deep inside herself as she could, gathering as much moisture as she could, and then reaching forward in a practiced motion, her right hand still holding her slit wide open, her left hand reaching up to coat the head of his cock with her ooze, her fingers glistening slightly in the natural light of the room. She twirled the fingers around and around, and I could see a drop of precum edge out of the opening in his cock.

"Now lick your own juices off my dick, you slut. Taste your excitement and lick it all up."


MJ's Slave said...


i am you share this amazing part of your nature with your partner? i hope you are not keeping all this sensuality locked away and only sharing with us, no matter how much we all appreciate it!

Thank you for getting the catsup out of the bottle for us..i hate that part!


slave bootsie said...


s bootsie

Slave2JS said...

More More More!

Oh the HUMANITY...the torture...


DL's toy said...

i found myself wanting to take my non-dominant hand, let it slide below the triangle of purplish silver satin and... well, you know.

But i can't!!!

i enjoyed. Throbbing torture... always interesting to read a Dom's perspective.

Hurry with part IV!