Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Time of Her Life-Part II

This is part two of an ongoing tale. You would be well advised to read the first part if you haven't already done so....

He took off his jeans and calmly folded them on the bed. He was wearing striped boxers, and his penis forced the fabric forward in a hugh lump. "Take them off me," he told her, and she reached to either side, grabbing the waistband and pulled down, stopping to pull the front forward so that his cock could spring free. It was huge, a long club topped with a swollen purplish knob, and I could hear the breath catch in her throat, and mine as well, as it bobbed in front of him.

"Sink down lower on your haunches, as low as you can go," he commanded. "Open your pants and get as low on your knees as you can." And she tried, but her pants were too taut, and the fabric prevented her from getting closer to the floor. "Take your pants off. Quickly. And don't touch yourself, don't you dare touch yourself." And she scrambled to comply, kicking the pants to the corner of the bedroom, re-assuming her position on the floor, taking her knees wider so that her crotch almost grazed the floor. I could see that her slit was wet, her excitement dripping from her down her thighs that were now open and unrestricted, and the smell of her lust escaped into the room. She was naked except for her tiny thong.

He walked around until he was directly behind her.

"Now, tilt your head back, all the way back." And as she did, he straddled her face, holding his ballsack up so that it fell on her chin, his cock now beginning to show just the slightest drop of precum. "Lick," he said, and I watched as her tongue came out and started to move back and forth between the base of his ballsack and the opening of his anus, her hands now on her splayed thighs for balance, licking back and forth, first with just the tip of her tongue, then more and more of her tongue until it was flattened out on his crotch, her head moving back and forth over and over, her body just bobbing up and down slightly as she continued to lick for life itself.

"She's sooo good at this. Does she do it for you?" And I flushed with embarrassment and shame, knowing that I couldn't nod my head.


slave bootsie said...

ok so i'm wanting more, more pleaseeeeee. A good story always leaves you wanting more. i'll keep reading and hoping for more. Thanks for sharing.

s bootsie

Slave2JS said...



That's it...Wow...

i'm with s bootsie...want more please please please.


MJ's Slave said...

Beautifully written. Very erotic and moving.

Thank you for sharing!


little girl said...

"don't you dare touch yourself." That sounds very, very familiar to me *w*

You're slow paced story is killing me! i wanna know more, the rest, please?

i won't post until i hear more from you!!

Evil little grin but respectfully,