Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Random Thoughts About Sex

It seems to me that thinking about sex is what we do when we don't have anything else to think about...every single blogger seemed to slow down to a crawl during the last ten days, I know I did, and now that I've gotten past the NYE hurdle, I'm back to thinking a lot about sex. It seems to be something so basic, so intrinsicly (sp?) at the forefront, that I wonder if everybody is thinking the same thoughts as I am. And it always seems that way on line, where there are more websites and blogs about sex than about anything else.

Breasts---why are men so fascinated and entranced by breasts? I'm not necessarily looking for the deep psychological breastfeeding thing, although that might be the reason. Is it because they're hidden, a subterranean sex indicator that men don't have? Two weeks ago, it was as warm on a Sunday as it is cold tonight, here in NYC. It was early afternoon, and I was on my way to the bank to get cash, when I past this absolutely striking woman. She had just gotten out of bed, her hair still mussed in some sleep pattern, her eyes half opened to the sunlight, a small crease running down one cheek, dressed in some tight fitting sweat suit, no underwear of any kind, projectile boobs standing up on their own through the sweatshirt, erect nipples sticking up through the fabric, on her way down the street. And then, a few minutes later, I saw her coming back, carrying a cardboard holder from Starbucks with two tall lattes or something else like that. Sigh....

My New Years Resolution??? To stop engaging in bad sex with Her, and by that I don't mean that the sex is bad. It isn't, but I need to pay more attention to Her timing and needs, because as Dan Savage sometimes puts it, she's 2Gs out of three---good and giving, but not always game, and certainly not for anything.

And just as an afterthought, does anyone know a blogger "lokisrisingpheonix"? I get daily traffic from his blog, but can't get on because it's by invitation only. Not fair.

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Spring said...

I saw a tshirt at the mall last saturday that said something like 'make your breasts stop staring at my eyes.' Believe it or not, it made me think of you and that post of yours about whether or not you're supposed to look.