Monday, January 7, 2008

The Time of Her Life-Part I

This never happened, but it could have, in a slightly different form and format, and almost did happen, a long time ago...

I had come home from work early that afternoon, the first time it happened, when I pulled into the driveway and saw a strange car parked behind hers. I figured that it was some local friend, or perhaps a repairman for some appliance that was being recalcitrant. I opened the door and called out, but received no response, and so I walked around through the living room and the family room, finding nobody. And so I climbed the stairs and headed into the largest bedroom.

She was crouched before him, and she was naked to the waist, her jeans sitting low on her hips, the turquoise triangle of her thong peeking out above the waistband, her breasts hanging down in their exposure, the nipples erect. Her head was bowed, and her hair hung down around her cheeks, reaching down to the tops of her breasts, obscuring her face from view.

"What the hell's going on here?," I asked, and he responded, "I'm getting ready to fuck your wife. I've been fucking her for six months, and I can make her do anything I want her to do. Want to watch?" And I looked down at her, and asked "Is this true? Is this really true?" At first she didn't answer me, but as I waited, she raised her head and turned it to the side so that I could see her eyes. They were half closed, and the lust that emanated from them made my breath catch in my throat. She couldn't speak, but nodded her head yes, and my heart sank in my chest.

"Watch this," he said, as he reached forward and turned her head back to face him. "Put your hands under your tits, and hold them up to me. Now, use your thumbs and index fingers, and pinch the nipples. Pinch them, harder, harder, you slut." And she did it, closing her eyes as she squeezed and pinching her nipples until they turned red, and the area around them became white with the pressure, moaning slightly as she did so. "Now, do it again, slut," he commanded, and she squeezed again. "Hurts more the second time, especially when you let go, doesn't it? But you'll do whatever I tell you to do, won't you?" And she just nodded her head and waited. "Again! And harder this time." And she did, moaning more continuously, her hips starting to buck slightly as she crouched on her haunches, desperately looking for some release

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