Tuesday, February 5, 2008


She and I have been playing catch up with the third season of Lost, watching it on DVD and using the DVR to record the current season that started last week, and we were up to the episode when the Others all disappear, and Kate finds herself chained to Juliet in the middle of the jungle.
They are both hot and sweaty, equally filthy, equally displaying glorious cleavage, Kate's lips puffed out almost as much as Angelina Jolie's. At some point in the episode they have an argument which evolves into a fistfight, a full blown brawl where Kate winds up sitting on top of Juliet, who is on the ground, pinning her in a half nelson and ultimately dislocating her shoulder.
I never thought of two women fighting as hot, but sitting in my living room watching this, I realized how hot the scene was, as I got incredibly aroused, almost as though I were watching porn of some sort, which perhaps I was.
And of course She had no idea, because as always, in Her world of vanilla sexuality, there's precious little room for deviation (or any sort of what She might think of as deviate behavior). Sex with Her on top is OK, but back to front or anything more radical doesn't exist.

Coming soon, or soon enough---Another Kind of Lost, the next part of The Time of Her Life, and the infamous music post.

Earwig-John Coltrane, African Brass

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