Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Time of Her Life-Part IV

She moved her head forward, hesitantly, her eyes on his questioningly, sticking her tongue out as far as she could, forcing it to become as straight and pointed as she could make it, pushing it forward until it met the slit in his cock and took up the precum that was waiting there for her.

"Not my juice, yours, your slime, your wetness," he told her. "Open your mouth and put the head in, the whole head," and she did, opening her mouth wide, then wider, struggling in the awkward position in front on him to put the whole thing in her mouth, her nostrils widening to find some breath, tears starting to well up in her eyes from the strain. And then suddenly there was the faint rustle of movement, and her right hand moved slowly up and began to lazily make circles at the top of her slit. She was touching herself, trying desperately to find some release as she tried to force his cock down her throat.

"Stop that now...this isn't about you, not now, and maybe not at all. Get off your knees, get on the bed, and hang your head over the side." And she rushed to comply, her hair hanging down limply almost to the floor, her breasts following the line of her body as the slant of her head forced her to arch her back. He approached the bed with slightly bent knees, and her hands came up to steer his cock into her mouth once again. At this angle it was much easier for her, and she quickly swallowed almost half of the massive club. He slowly started to force the rest of his cock into her mouth, and once again she strained as hard as she could to take in all of it, tears streaming from her eyes, mucus beginning to drip from her nose, as she moaned with the effort.

He reached forward onto the bed, and with his thumb and middle finger started to rub her wet lips together. "No good deed goes unpunished," he told her, and as he manipulated her cunt she opened her mouth seemingly further than possible, and his cock went all the way down her throat. She waited, hands on the bed at her sides, as he masturbated her and she took his cock all the way her throat.


MJ's Slave said...


Live, love, laugh!


Slave2JS said...


what a delightful story