Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Time of Her Life-Part VI

When I started this story, it was fun to just let my mind wander and write down the fantasies as they came to me. Lately, however, this particular story has become less than fun, an obligation that I was working much too hard at, and I found that I wasn't writing for myself, but rather for others...not the point of the exercise. And so it will end with this post, because I had already written it and it is sort of hot...the other guy was patterned after Sawyer, the character on Lost.

* * * *
He lay diagonally across the bed, grabbing her arm and pulling her upright as he lay down. "On your hands and knees, over me, one knee near each hip, " he told her, "you know the drill." And I wondered what he meant by that, but before I could think about it too much, I watched as she straddled him, perched high above his jutting penis, reaching down between her legs and grasping it at the very base, steering it to her dripping opening. She sank down slowly, a long groan escaping from her lips, her head falling to the bed beside his, facing me, eyes unseeing. She was gone, truly gone, her pelvis rocking back and forth as she rubbed her clit against him, her back arched and then her head went up, like a dog howling in the moonlight. She grunted in rhythm to her thrusts and rocking, he not moving at all, bringing his hands up to her nipples, pinching them at the same time, eliciting yet another groan with the pain he induced, her eyes now closing, her hips never stationary, her pink asshole exposed every time she lurched forward, opening and closing just a little bit, still shiny with the lube she had put on and in, still distending from her fingers.

He pulled her head back down, forcing her mouth down to the sheet next to his head. She continued to rock to and fro, still moaning in rhythm. "Take off your pants and climb on the bed, sport," he told me, "it's time to have some real fun." And I quickly took off all my clothes and climbed onto the bed, between all their legs, my cock feeling like an iron bar, longer and harder than it had ever been before. I stayed on my knees as she aimed her butt towards the ceiling. He stopped her movements and held her hips perfectly still. "Spread your cheeks for him," he said to her, and she mashed her face deeper into the bed as she reached around with both hands, holding herself wide open for me as I inched forward on my knees until I felt the cool wetness of the lube. I grabbed her cheeks myself, and could see her ring distended almost beyond belief.

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