Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dreams: Whatever You Want-Part IV

"Watch this," she hissed into my ear yet again, as she bent over. "Think about what's happening to you. And remember who's doing it."

And as she started to push down on the top of the brushhead, the plastic stick began to enter my slit and slide down...SHE WAS FUCKING MY PENIS!! Slowly, ever so slowly, she pushed down on the head to the brush as the smooth plastic made its way into me. Between the lube and the precum, i could feel my shaft being widened and filled by the stick, and i watched as it disappeared, two or three inches of it, deeper and deeper. i felt a fullness, an expansion, an inability or a lack of desire to move at all. As i lay there, She raked my thighs with her fingernails, and in reflex i opened my legs even wider than before. They waved back and forth, almost like butterfly wings, as i tried to expand the sensation She was making me have, of opening wider and wider.

She grabbed my cock at the base, holding it against my stomach, and slowly pulled the stick out, my hips recoiling against the mattress.

"We're almost finished here," she said, smiling maliciously, "but now that you've seen yourself get fucked, you're going back into the darkness," and she retied the blindfold. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."