Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dreams: Whatever You Want-Part II

She continued to twist and pull for several minutes, rubbing Her groin up and down my stomach as She manuevered the clamps, and I could feel Her moisture start to flow, through the thong and onto my skin. I could feel Her getting wetter and wetter, and wondered which one of us would cum first. But She stopped, stopped the twisting, the pulling, the rubbing up and down, as She told me "I'm going to take these off now, and it's going to hurt." She bent down and put Her mouth to my ear, using Her tongue to lick the inside, biting hard on the lobe, and then She hissed "a lot."

She took the first one off, and my nipple started to throb and ache as the blood flowed back into it. She put Her mouth just over it, and breathed warm air onto it, pausing occasionally to use the flat of Her palm to massage it, and then She did the same for the other nipple, pulling on the first one when She thought I was getting too comfortable with it all.

Suddenly She took off the blindfold and smiled at me. "I want you to watch and see the next part," She said, and turned back to the carryall to rummage around once again. She pulled out Her mascara, and a tube of Close Up toothpaste, the kind that was colored red and tasted of cinnamon. She wiped my cock clean with Her palm, and then brought Her hand to Her mouth and licked, making a moaning sound deep in Her throat. She forced my legs toward my butt, until my knees were in the air, keeping my feet on the mattress.

"We're starting in a different direction," She said, "a new beginning."


Pixiepie said...


i CAN'T wait to see where this goes!!!

Kinky Aoefe said...

I here here Pixie!

engrailed said...

Wonderful buildup, SF ... looking forward to part III!