Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm trying hard to understand how women and clothing works, but for the life of me I sometimes just don't get it.

In New York City during the spring and summer months, there's more and more skin showing, more cleavage, more boobs coming out of the tops of low cut tanks and camis, more nipples outlined as women of all ages slip from hot subway platforms to iced subway cars, skimpy sweaters come on and off. I long ago stopped understanding how bras worked, but even I understand that the basic function now is no longer just support, it's push up and display, or it seems to be, it's showoff time now.

I've always been a watcher, sometimes choosing to look rather than participate (more about that another time), but I can't figure out if I'm supposed to stare or not. Is the whole exposure thing an "I'm proud ofwhat I've got here, celebrate me" sort of thing, or is it a "Look at me, I've got great boobs" thing? Am I supposed to look or not?

Very confusing....

Earworm-Mahler, Symphony #10

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Tess said...

Look but don't ogle or have your tongue hanging out. In short, an appreciative glance is generally well received, a leer is just downright creepy. Avoid crossing the line from admirer to creepy freak.