Monday, August 6, 2007

***Seeing Stars***

There are some actors and actresses that just seem to speak to me directly, people that light it up for me instantly, that can do no wrong on either stage or screen. It's not a sexual thing, and it doesn't have to me a woman to get that reaction, but rather some sort of instant communication.

And in the converse, some actors just leave me absolutely cold. I could never make sense of Burt Lancaster, even though I knew he was a really good actor. He just didn't speak to me. I never understood Elizabeth Taylor either, notwithstanding that she was drop dead beautiful.

And now I'm finding the same thing with Leonardo di Caprio (sp??). I know he's doing great work in Blood Diamond, but it's like watching a stick figure for me. I wish I understood why.

Earworm: Paul Simon-Graceland

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