Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dreams: 2 + 1

We're on an island somewhere in the Caribbean, on our annual vacation. It's always a smaller island with relatively few resorts or hotels, and usually relatively little night life except some dancing to a local band. But for some reason, tonight it seems a whole lot more lively, much more dancehall than usual, and everybody is out on the floor dancing. We all have arms up in the air, and She's dancing next to a beautiful woman, seemingly unattached, their movements mimicing one another side by side. The woman has dark hair and high cheekbones, her eyes flashing with the promise of good times, and she introduces herself to us as Lylah. We all continue dancing together, and then She whispers something into Lylah's ear, which elicits a sly smile and nod. She's invited her to come back to our room and join us.

We're suddenly back in the room, all of us damp and sweaty, in a great hurry to shed clothing. Lylah is kissing Her deeply, and I can see their tongues wrapping around one another, Her pale skin and auburn hair a sharp contrast to Lylah's suntan, Her pinkish nipples pointed forward and mashed against the darker points of the other woman. Lylah pushes her down on the bed, the king size bed, and licks a straight line down the middle of her body to her clit, twirling it around and around. Her legs are spread wide, and Lylah motions for me to join in. She's totally taken control, and we're just following her orders.

My cock is as hard as an iron bar, and I get between Her legs to put it into Her. She puts Her legs up on my shoulders, and in one motion, I'm deep into Her and pistoning away. I can tell that I'm hitting Her good spot, because Her mouth is open and She's drooling slightly, Her face flopped slightly to one side. Suddenly, I feel a cold wetness between my buttcheeks, and I know what's coming. Lylah inserts one finger, then two, and she's hitting my good spot. It feels like I'm coming continuously, as she pushes her fingers in and out, suddenly withdrawing them and leaving my anus gaping for a moment. Then I feel the sudden pressure return to my opening, and I know she's come back at me with a strap on, and in a moment she's deep inside me. I'm still pumping, now in rhythm to her lunges. She reaches up and starts to pull on my nipples, gently first, and then harder and harder, twisting them each in opposite directions, and suddenly I can't wait any longer, coming deep and long inside Her, as I watch Lylah's head hit the pillow next to Her, and She sucks her tongue deep into her bruised looking mouth, tears flowing from Her eyes.

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