Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Random Thoughts #1

How long do you stay with an unposting blog? I had been reading Three World Collide until the beginning of July, when they suddenly stopped posting, and one of my alltime favorties, Myths and Metawhores, a truly literate blog dealing with all sorts of sexy issues, now posts photos (of the blogger??) and poetry (not by the blogger, but great stuff, nonetheless) on a more or less monthly basis.

Why do I have more patience with the antics and foibles of Lindsay Lohan than with Britney Spears? Is it because she's done some wonderful movie work and has legitimate talent, as opposed to doing videos for MTV which usually generate leers in the gym when they run on the very large screens there? These are both two sad confused little girls with no serious adult guidance in sight, yet for me one seems more pitiable and sad, whereas the other is just laughable (and sad as well).

And why can I never clean up my desk, no matter how hard I try?

Earworm-Robert Randolph Band, Ain't Nothing Wrong With That

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Kinky Aoefe said...

I have a blog I follow which hasn't posted for awhile. In my case I'm concerned about the blogger. MIA. Check every day to see if she'll be back.

Will we (as bloggers)one day dissapear with no answer as to why?

P.S. - I feel sorrier for Brittany for some reason. I think she's heading for major life catastrophy.