Thursday, May 1, 2008

Falling In Love

My friends, those that don't read this blog, know that I fall in love all the time...I tell them so when I do, and I tell them all the time.

Two days ago I fell in love with a woman sitting in the cello section of an orchestra.

Today, I re-fell in love with Madeleine Stowe. She first hit my radar years ago in a movie called Blink, and today it was the movie Last Of The Mohicans. She's not the greatest actress, and often appears rather flat when speaking her lines. She's also in that group of actresses that seem to appear nude when it's not necessarily called for, along with Melanie Griffith of old and Kate Winslet of old.

She takes my breath away, and I'm head over heels...don't know why.

Earworm-She's A Beauty, The Tubes


MJ's Slave said...

ain't love grand? ;>)

Emma Kelly said...

Hey there Swordfish,

You're not alone there with your admiration for Madeleine Stowe.


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