Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Movies at Home & Sex and the City

On any number of occasions, including at least once in this blog, I've said that one of my greatest pleasures is going to the movies...sitting in a dark room and having somebody tell me a story. When the storyteller is very good at his job, the time passes ever so quickly. Long movies are over in the twinkling of an eye, and I've had a transcendent experience. For a couple of hours, I've gone far away, and it's almost as if I've lived as someone else. And it makes no difference if I'm watching a thriller, a romantic movie, a sword and sandal epic, period pieces, science fiction, they all take me away.
And so I truly don't understand why people don't go to the movies...I have friends, as does She, who never ever ever go to the movies. They watch dvds at home on large screens, 62" screens, with stereo surround sound, and they're at home, and they're wearing their pajamas or their bathrobes. But it's not the same, at least not for me.
We have the cable necessary to get reception in the city, but we don't currently have any premium channels---no HBO, no Showtime, no Cinemax, no Starz. We had HBO once upon a time, and we tried to watch SATC, Sopranos, other things. We think we must have been in a bad patch for all of them, because we didn't think they were any better than network offerings, just different shows. We gave it up after about six months, and never looked back. When there's something we think we missed, Six Feet Under, Rome, The Tudors, Netflix is happy to send them to us, and we watch them over the summer, instead of reality shows.
And so I've never "gotten" SATC. Is it not for guys? Is there something I'm missing? What's the draw here? I thought the characters were sort of cartoonish and predictable. Is the point that the women can talk just like men? Are they today's woman? Are they the trailblazers for women everywhere?
I'm serious about not understanding this show. Can anyone, male or female, help me out here?

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