Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blog-Post Confidential

I'm surprised that there isn't more chatter in the numerous blogs that I read about the article in the NY Times Magazine section this past Sunday, the title of which I've purloined and used as the title of this post. It's a true confessional article by a woman who used to write for Gawker, but could well serve as a model for any blogger, especially any sexblogger, who shares intimate personal details and might be guilty of oversharing. And we've all done that, and continue to do it at times.
It talks "about how a single blog post can capture a moment of extreme feeling, but that reading an accumulated series of posts will sometimes revel another, more complete story."
But perhaps I'm just being New York centric---Gawker is relatively meaningless outside the confines of Manhattan, but perhaps the bloggers life experience is indeed meaningful.

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