Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just A Few Random Ideas

I know that I'm's a combination of not posting, not working, not really wanting to go out and do things, just wanting to sit and read, perhaps watch a dvd. I know that it happens periodically during the year, that's it's the normal ebb and flow of my energy, but I never quite know how to break the inward slide. I'm busy, but not doing work, have a full calendar of evening stuff to do, which I would love to ditch (even though I love the things I have to do at night), keep looking forward into the future to book up more things, can't seem to get traction, and the beat goes on.

Next...I was out in California visiting a friend, and we went shopping in the local tourist attraction, something akin to South St. Seaport or Faneuil Hall...I saw a t-shirt that I wanted, bought a large (the size I always wear), and took it home, washed it and put it on this morning...and it's hanging off me...the shoulder seams are way off my shoulder, it's too big.

Next...I hate when I extend an invitation to someone in email, and they don't respond. Tell me yes or tell me no, just don't not tell me anything. Is that supposed to mean no? Is it supposed to me you're not available? Is it supposed to mean you're hiding, or your partner won't let you out on your own, and you're too embarrassed to tell me? Does it mean you don't want to do something?

Enough ranting. Maybe this will get me to move on.

Earworm-Lodi- Creedence Clearwater Revival (or Al Gray, if you're really fortunate).


elle said...

i'm curious as to who would not acknowledge you.

hugs, elle

Spring said...

Ooh, email invitations!

DL's toy said...

If that was meant for me, i thought i had explained my reasons why. It has nothing to do with anything except poor timing and i think you know why.

My apologies for frustrating you.