Saturday, April 12, 2008

They're Ba-a-a-a-ack

And so, in just one day, spring descends...the trees across the street have fluffy, white blossoms, people are out in shirt sleeves and shorts, and women of all ages have instantly found their strappy tops, their slippy tops, their sheaths, the deep v-necked tanks, their push up shelf bras holding their boobs way up off their chests...warm weather is back, and so are boobs.

My friend that I had dinner with Thursday night thinks that all men are fascinated by boobs, and she's's an instant head snap when a woman with a big chest walks by. Guys just stare. And I think it's because we don't have them...they're the difference between the least in clothing. We all sort of look the same in clothing, in jeans and a t shirt, more or less, but put the woman next to you in a strappy top and everybody's staring, discreetly or not.

I love Her boobs, even though they've long ago stopped being the projectiles that they were when we first met. She's not in her 20s, neither am I, and we've had a child in the process of growing older. But I love to touch them, to grab Her from behind and just gently cup them, holding Her pinkish nipples between my first three fingers and rolling them back and forth. I do love to suck on them as well, and She knows this. It makes Her nervous and uneasy for some reason, and I know that She tolerates it without being a turn on for Her.

But it sure is for me.

Earwig-The Fugs Do You Like Boobs A Lot?


Spring said...

Hey, if the boobs are big, it's not just the men who notice. I'm not into women, but sometimes you can't help but look. And as women, we can always tell which ones dressed specifically so you WOULD look. ;)

Anonymous said...

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