Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Reasons, No Excuses

I'm thinking that everybody who posts regularly to a blog encounters the week from hell, when work, family, whatever so overloads your synapses that it's difficult to save enough energy to write, and to write well.

That was this past week for me, catching up on a month's work from when I was travelling, preparing for an IRS situation (don't ask), fighting a wicked proxy battle in my co-op building (something only New Yorkers can truly understand) where I'm the president, battling with Her about family matters for the upcoming holiday (great subject for a massive post in the future), and fighting jet lag that caused me to nod off like the proverbial junkie at the strangest times.

I'm trying to get back to posting more regularly, and to finish the ever so wicked tale of my time in Bangkok, because it turned out to be a turning point for me.

Please be patient. Work in process.

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Kinky Aoefe said...

Being patient...being patient...(if I say it enough will it work?)