Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One Night In Bangkok-Prologue

I've been travelling in countries where I wasn't quite sure what I could and couldn't put into email or bring up on the screen, and the diffiiculty of reading the home page in Thai or Bhutanese, or German for that matter, made posting difficult. But I'm back, with truly lots to say.

I had thought about it long and hard, the prostitute concept, the idea of paying someone for sex, and rationalizing it in terms of Her. Our sex fits what might be called GGG---good, giving, and game, although the last part has waned over time. The fact that She takes behavior modification drugs, and has hit the menopause wall, renders Her libido pretty much a thing of the past. Even the CR variety of the drug pretty much leaves Her with an intellectual interest, but without any real horniness, and certainly not for any seriously new activities, which seem to be all that are on my mind lately. And so I've worked out in my mind what works for me...that what I'd be doing is paying for activities or things that aren't part of the sexual vocabulary at home, things that She just won't even think about. It isn't just for normal sex, but rather for what I would experience with Her.

As it turned out, my hotel in Bangkok was just about a 15 minute walk from Soi Cowboy, one of the two major open sex areas in the city, and I had been passing it the first two nights, when I went out for street food for dinner. I didn't even realize this until I was walking past a bar on the second night in the city, and I was accosted by a multitude of girls asking me if I wanted to have a good time, and would I come in for a beer, all beers 75 bahts in the local currency. I'm dense sometimes, but even I understood where I was, and so with a mental throw of the switch, I went into the airconditioned bar and elbowed my way up to the bar. It was sort of like the Beach Boys song, "Two girls for every boy", except there were a lot more than two for every guy, and it took me a minute before I realized that direct eye contact constituted an invitation. But I was judicious in gazing around, and found someone I thought kind of sexy. All the women wore similar outfits, spaghetti strapped camis over tight black pants, or similar dresses, ending way about the knee. The girl that I chose, because she looked about 16 (and maybe that's part of the allure) had long dark hair to the middle of her back, peekaboo bangs and a slightly sulky cast to her lips. There was not much light in the bar, and less light in her eyes. She was short and had average sized breasts, which swung freely under her top. But she quickly joined me at the bar (I'm not a sit down at the table sort of guy), asking me if I would buy her a girldrink (I should hasten to add here that I had discussed all of this with my friend Chuckie the Gym Rat, who spends a third of the year in Thailand, but now only goes upcountry), who let me know what protocol might be, and what questions I should be asking, before I would up paying for a champagne cocktail of fruit juice and some exhorbitant rate.

The drinks came quickly, and she turned sideways, smearing her cleavage across my arm, putting her mouth close to my ear to overcome the thumping disco music, asking me if I would like to go somewhere. I had thought about this for such a long time, think about how I would tell her what I wanted, my hearbeat going way up and my throat constricting the way it always does when I'm around illicit sex or some new sexual experience. And so I told her, the three things that I wanted her to do, telling her one thing at a time what was on my list. She seemed to balk at the second activity, and I was able to explain to her that it was an all or nothing experience. She wanted to say that one thing was too personal, and waBargirl English is remarkable in that there must be nothing that they haven't been asked to do, and so we bargained, mouth to ear and ear to mouth, until we agreed on a price and a time limit. And then I added a few additional ideas, the price going up like a cash register as I added things. It was a remarkable feeling, being able to get someone to do something sexual by baldly adding bahts to the amount. I always say that I'm a slut for the beach, meaning that I'll do almost anything to get there, but now I truly understood the slut concept, as she would do anything I asked, for money.

And so I paid a small bar fine, and we exited the bar into Soi Cowboy, moving towards an unmarked door further up the street, next to one of the ubiquitous sidewalk noodle stands.

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