Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One Night In Bangkok-Part Ib

And so we disentangled from the positions we were in, she sitting crosslegged at the head of the bed, and I at the very foot. She reached down to her bag, and brought out a large and very lifelike dark brown dildo, which she placed on the bed in front of her. I have always been a watcher, really getting aroused by watching other people experience sex, either by themselves or while participating with someone else, whether it involved watching them do themselves, or seeing them engaged in sex with another person. And so we proceeded to the second part of the night---I wanted to see her squirt while masturbating, something She never goes (either the masturbating or the squirting).
And I knew this was the hardest thing that I was asking this woman to do, because it meant showing me something personal of herself. She reached down with her left hand, and separated her lower lips, allowing me to see her pinkish vulva in greater exposure. Her right index finger reached down between the lips and started to slowly move back and forth up and down her slit, pausing occaisionally at the top to give her clit a slight twirl. She closed her eyes and seemed to settle down further into the position she was sitting in. I could hear the tiny scratch-scratch of her fingers as they grazed her pubic hairs, even cut short as they were.
She stopped for a moment, reached down for the tube of lube, and applied it to her opening, leaning back against the wall, and then she slowly put the dildo in, wriggling back and forth until the whole thing disappeared up her canal. I could see the flat base between her legs, and her tight brown anus was on display as well.
Her left hand now pushed down on her pubic bone just above the hairline, splaying her slit wide open and forcing her clit to stand up in greater exposure, almost holding the slit open. Her right hand returned to its work, concentrating more now on the clit, moving up and down with a come hither motion, faster and faster, her jaw dropping as she became more aroused. She started to move the dildo in and out as she fingered her clit, and I could see that she might be close to cumming. She continued, increasing her speed with both of her hands, until suddenly she jerked the dildo out of her vagina, grunted once or twice, and started to spray out a clear, what seemed like slightly viscous fluid. She had squirted two or perhaps three times, making with bed wet with her fluids, and I reached down to touch the slightly tacky wetness, finding out that it was not unlike the precum that might, and in fact was dripping from my from my cock.
She sat up and opened her eyes, giving me a slight smile, somewhat shy, perhaps acknowledging that she had shown me something private, something of herself.


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