Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Night In Bangkok-Part Ia

She had stopped at the bar exit and picked up her tote bag, and slung it over her shoulder, along with the tiny change purse evening bag, which only had enough capacity for money, condoms, lipstick, and anything else tiny. She took my arm and led me down the street to an unmarked and unremarkable looking door, which opened onto a tiny lobby and staircase, which we climbed together.

At this point I started to feel anxious, performance anxiety settling in at a rampant had truly been a long time since I had been with a woman other than Her. One gets used to conveniences and accomodations, the way you touch and get touched, and I was hoping that I hadn't forgotten what to do and how to do it. My breath became shorter, and my throat started to constrict, which is the feeling that I always get in new sexual situations. As we walked down a hallway, I took deep breaths, knowing that there was no turning back. But this was my arrangement, this was for me, this was for my pleasure, so why was I so nervous? We entered a room, and she immediately crossed to turn on the tiny air conditioner, cooling the room almost instantly. She turned to face me, standing alongside the bed, and said, "Money first," and so I paid her the agreed upon price in the local currency (bahts) and she tucked the bills into her purse and hung it on the back of the door.

She turned her back to me and calmly shrugged out of her dress, and I could see only fine smooth skin, a bubble shaped rear, and the tiny string of her thong climbing up between her cheeks. She turned to face me, with her arms crossed in front of her breasts, and her pubic area just covered by the thinnest and tiniest triangle of black fabric. As she let her arms fall to her sides, I could see that I'd made a right choice. She had standup boobs, and nipples that were large, dark, round, almost like half dollars, and so I stood there, dumbstruck, poleaxed, like a deer in the headlights. She took off her triangle and showed me the smallest landing strip pubic hair I'd ever seen. Then she took a small towel and wet just one corner of it, wiping around her miniature patch, pulling it up between her legs.

Crossing to me, she skinned my shirt over my head, and then reached down to open my pants, which puddled around my feet. My cock stood out against my shorts painfully, until she pushed down my black underwear. She wiped my down with another corner of the towel. She walked to the head of the bed and sat down across it, motioning to me to lie down across her lap.

And so we came to the first part, her dangling her breasts in my mouth and my sucking on them, while she manipulated me with her hand until I came. She bent over a bit, allowing one breast to just reach my mouth, while putting her hand down deep between my legs, reaching with her pinkie to the very edge of my perineum, where it meet my ass, slowly dragging the nail up to my scrotom, back down again, then up and across my balls to the base of my penis. My hands remained at my sides, and I sucked gently and persistently first at one nipple and then at the other, feeling her nipples swell and harden as I sucked. She had applied some lube to my cock, and started to gently, oh so gently, stroke up and down, doing some sort of butterfly thing with her fingertips at the very top. I was far gone, going to some other place of pleasure, just becoming two sensation points, one at my mouth and tongue, the other between my legs.

Every time I started to get ready to cum, she would slow down and concentrate just on the head, sensing when my hips might start to move back and forth, stopping stroking and just playing with the head, her nails and fingertips playing their little game. Sounds started to come out of me, moans combining the feeling of pleasure and the pain of not quite cumming, and I continued to suck and suck and suck. Finally I could wait no longer, and she held my cock in place as I came on my own stomach, the cum pulsing out in warm globs. She bent further forward over my stomach and licked up the cum, bringing up face up so that I could see it dripping from her mouth. It's what I'd paid her for.