Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trouble in Paradise???

For some reason unknown, and totally unexplained and unexplainable to me, all of the blogger.com with the "warnings" have been locked, or are inaccessible. Clicking on the yes button only recycles you back to the same screen...all except Mrs. Kelly's Playground. Joyshared, dirtylittlemommasboy, barebackgirl and others all seems to be closed.
Anybody have any clues??


David said...

Did Dark Moonheart from your blog list and Persephones Obedience and the both let me through after the Warning. Not sure why you are being denied.

Anonymous said...

Not sure, maybe blogger was "updating" or something. This one is still working:
www.hntanon.blogspot.com :)

Joy, Shared said...

I can't figured it out either. Jay says that the site is working fine for him and doesn't see a problem, and I can still post things (and have been).

But, when I got to look at it myself, all I get is the background with no text or posts or anything.

If you figure out what's wrong, can you tell us so that we can try to get it fixed, please?

~ Joy ~

Joy, Shared said...

Fixed it.

Apparently there's some sort of hang-up with the 'Adult Content' notice. If you turn that off, the problem goes away.

Just thought that might be information the others out there having similar troubles might want to know. :)

~ Joy ~