Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Answer, Not The Solution

Thanks to the folks that a) read my blog consistently and b) were kind enough to comment and try to help. One of my biggest problems in life is asking for help, and you all made it all so easy.
The answer to the problem of access blogs with the "content warning" seems to lie within the AOL jursidiction, at least for me. If I try to access those blogs by connecting through AOL, I sure can't get in. If I connect through IE (S taught me that, lol), it works like a charm.
I'm just lazy, because AOL has this cute drop down menu that holds all my frequently visited blogs, and I can't find the same menu when I go in through IE.
I know, I know...grow up and throw AOL under a bus...I'm working up to it.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you have some default "parental settings" filtering your browsing through AOL. I'd look in your settings for something along those lines.

I use Google Reader - keeps all my favorite blogs on one page, shows me the new posts, & I can access all of it on any PC. It's great!