Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Enough-Part II

If you haven't read Part I yet, just scroll back and take a look. Continuity counts.

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"You want to what?" I yelped, in spite of myself, my stunned surprise getting the better of me.
"I want to take a lover," she repeated. "I'm telling you now, because I didn't want to sneak around and make this terminally sordid, the cheating wife and the cuckold husband. It won't be anybody either of us knows, that would just make it sleazy and cheap, and I think this is going to be difficult enough for each of us, for both of us."
I could see that her face was flushed, her white winter skin turned pink by the thoughts she was having, the thoughts of extramarital sex, the illicitness of it heating her up and exciting her. I put the arch of my foot between her denim covered thighs, feeling the heat emanating from her pussy, touching that extra bit of dampness when she got aroused, the jeans themselves sliding up just a little bit with the give of the extra fabric in her crotch. She smiled a far away smile as I pushed that extra bit harder, her eyes narrowing, her cheshire cat smile spreading as she made a tiny groan.
"You slut. You've been thinking about this forever, haven't you...and you've gotten all wet just talking about it." She could only smile in agreement as I rocked my foot back and forth against her damp jeans, her lips parting as her breathing quickened.
"Would you like to see? I could show you just how excited I am, just how wet I am, just how much of a slut I'm becoming. I could open my jeans and show you just how much pussy juice is soaking through my panties, how its making my thighs shine as it leaks out of my little undies. Would you like that?"
And she knew that I would, as she played to my love of hearing her talking dirty, as she played to my secret pleasure, being the watcher. "Show me," I croaked, my breath caught in my throat, my airway constricting as it always did as I became aroused and hard. "Show me."

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Anonymous said...

You really do want her to tae a lover don't you?