Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Playing With Old Friends-Part IV

She slid behind me and gently pushed my back, directing me down the hallway to the master bedroom, leaving Franny kneeling on the floor, struggling with the head of Tom's clublike penis. I made my way into the bedroom, Gayle now placing both her hands on my ass to move me forward, closing the distance between us until I could feel her warm skin pressed against my back, every little curve and groove indented against me. She took tiny little steps so that she could stay as close as possible, walking so close her feet almost slid under mine, forcing me to stride slightly wider than I was used to. When we got to the bedroom she knelt down before me to help me step out of my shorts, but instead of standing back up, she crouched even lower, sliding forward between my now wide spread legs, past the midpoint of my crotch, and she tilted her head back at almost a 90 degree angle, taking my balls in her wet mouth and holding them there, then moving her tongue laterally in the limited space that she was able, licking the under side of my ball sac.

She moved backwards even further, her mouth releasing my balls from their captivity, her tongue raking back and forth in the space between my balls and the edge of my ass, back and forth, over and over, long strokes back and forth, stopping at the very same place each and every time, the pressure feathery at first and then increasing, becoming more and more pronounced, as her head moved slower and slower, compressing the space she had been concentrating on, my cock bobbing up and down in front of me as I became harder than I thought possible.

"That's enough of that", she said, as she scooted forward and stood up behind me, edging closer to the bed. "My turn now", and she flopped down on the bed, her legs dangling forward, still wearing the little girl panties, now wet and even more translucent than before. I wondered who had enjoyed her licking more, her or me? She tugged the panties impatiently to one side, and I could see her moisture glistening before me.

"Stick your fingers inside and fingerfuck me for a minute or two" she commanded, and I was quick to jam two fingers deep inside her, sliding them forward and back. "Another one, and if you've trimmed your nails, slide your pinky into my asshole." The wetness had slid down the crack of her ass in just the few minutes that she was lying there, and my littlest finger slid in effortlessly, her round sphincter clutching at me as I pumped away, her hips beginning to gyrate with my motion, her hand reaching down to find her clit, her index and middle finger moving up and down, a soft sigh escaping her lips.

"Harder, dammit, I'm not made of china, ya know. I want to be pounded." And so my hand moved harder back and forth, trying hard to match her rhythm, listening hard for her exhale as she pushed down with her pelvis, hearing her grunt with the effort, knowing that she was jerking off against my hand, faster and faster now, until at last I heard a sustained moan, her asshole contracting several times around my little finger, her cunt awash in every kind of fluid imaginable, her excitement palpable and real. She stopped moving, and I held my hand still, waiting to see what else she wanted. She slowed her breathing until she was able to speak coherently.

"You wanna see what the others are doing, don't you? You're a watcher, and you'd love to watch Tommy fuck the shit out of your little wife, wouldn't you?" she almost sneered, and my face reddened, knowing that she had caught me in a secret that nobody else knew. "Let's go find them."

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