Saturday, July 5, 2008

Playing With Old Friends-Part III

And I followed the look of her eyes, their lowered lids gaze rivetted firmly on the cock in front of her. It was longer than my 8+ inches, perhaps 10 inches, with a large knobby head, and I could see her head moving ever so slightly up and down as it bobbed free of its enclosure. "Do you think you can handle it?" he asked as he smiled at her, knowing that she was lost to the sight of it and was barely hearing him. I watched as she took one or two steps to get herself comfortable in the spacing of the kitchen, and then sank to her knees as if poleaxed with a baseball bat, staring at the cock hovering only inches from her face, her mouth slightly opened as her chest heaved to catch her breath.

I barely saw the hands move beside me, or heard the rustle of the fabric, as Gayle reached behind her head and untied the halter top of the dress she was wearing. "Hey," she breathed into my ear, "see anything you like?" and I turned to see her standing next to me, wearing only a low slung pair of white cotton panties, the crotch already translucent with wetness. She pulled the waistband up hard, forcing the panties into the crack of her crotch like a piece of string, and I could see her lower lips spread to either side of the string, partially trimmed back to outline her cunt, the rest of her hair not shaved but close cropped. She started to slide the string of her panties back and forth along her clit, and it slid easily in the juices accumulated there. Her breasts hung down pendulously, her nipples dark against her skin, the circles very round and dark, almost purple, and they looked like two plums. I bent down to suck on one of them, all reason and restraint long gone, surrendered to this couple who had obviously come to our house to seduce Franny and me.

She folded her head down until her mouth reached my ear, and then bit me, gently at first, and then harder. "I usually like it rough. And I like it in my ass...the first time, that is. But I'm thinking that the floor of this kitchen isn't the most comfortable place in this house to be on my hands and knees, is it? And I'm pretty sure that Franny's knees are starting to be sore as well. " And I looked over at my wife, her two hands wrapped around a stranger's raging cock, her delicate mouth struggling to put the head in between her lips, her mouth opened as far as it could be. I watched as just the head of Tom's cock disappeared into her mouth, the angle and his height making it difficult for her, although she showed no signs of backing off. Her hands, at first resting on his thighs, almost as if to control the rape of her mouth, now circled between his legs, grabbing his two buttcheeks, trying to will herself to swallow more of his cock.

"Why don't you show us where the bedroom is, so that we can get more comfortable and not put on any more of a show for the neighbors?"