Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Which Way Did They Go??

Within the last week or so, I lost three blogs that I used to check in on regularly. I usually prefer to communicate with bloggers directly, and only sometimes leave things in the comments area.

The first was a blog I called Gidget, a youngish woman in the SF Bay area, who, with her boyfriend, were determined to be a D/s couple, and were just starting out. They went at it studiously, and stayed together through several setbacks. She stopped posting in early November, and when I emailed her directly, she wrote back to say that her muse had left her, and she wasn't going to post anymore.

The second blog was something called Lies and Guys, run by a sub named Bailey, who had astonishing insights from time to time, and shared some very personal parts of her soul in unique ways. She took her blog private, as when I try to access it, I get the message that I'm not part of the invited guests.

The third blog to go MIA is Toy's exquisite blog, MarriedMansFuckToy, one that was so wonderfully personal and intimate, and incredibly well written, that I went way back to the beginning of her tale and read all of it. She was able to share her entire journey as a sub, and the depth and involvement of her submissiveness was truly personal and revealing. I also emailed her, but have yet to hear back.

I miss all of them, all for different reasons. And I know that bloggers are under no obligation to tell their readers anything other that what they want them to know and read, but I'm always wishing that when bloggers decide to retire they would tell us when they do.


Pixiepie said...

i know...i am missing TOY we know what happened yet?

"untitled" said...

Thank you for this tribute. It is deeply appreciated and i emailed you (apart from the autoresponse) a bit more.

Pixie, you tickle me! Your life is fascinating!

When or if i write again, you'll both be remembered.

Kinky Aoefe said...

Check out kinkerbell's blog. I think it's Toy has an explanation there. It's a good one and I know she'll be back. But with her new adventures. She wants love (all of it) and she deserves it!


"untitled" said...

Awww... swoon. You guys are cheering me up!