Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Same Old Question

I leave for the gym early in the morning when I go, a habit left over from the days when I ran a lap of Central Park every morning in the dark. Today it was about 35 degrees, winds calm, sky dark but getting brighter. As I ran on the treadmill, and it's a good sized gym, a woman came in, wearing a short winter jacket, furlined hood, midriff bare and tan, low lying lime green paints, hanging low enough on her hips so that I could see the dimples above her backside.

And so I'm asking again, am I supposed to look? Is my eyesight, and head, supposed to follow her from left to right as she walks past? There was obviously some thought put into her clothing for the's well before 7 AM, and it's not something that she just threw on to come to the gym and work out...I know that I have to lay my clothes out the night before to make a speedy exit, and I can see the women that put on the first Tshirt or top on the top of the pile.

The question remains unanswered for me.

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