Monday, January 10, 2011

Not Enough #18

I did my best to smile up at her, transfixed by her glittering eyes and smirky smile, the aroma of her perfume wafting in and out, mixing with her own natural chemistry to create an aroma that took away what little remained of my breath, the smell of her drawing me in. My own tension and apprehension made my heart beat even faster, my throat dry and constricted in response to her approach.

"I'm gonna sit down and join you, OK?", and she did, without waiting for a reply. Our shoulders and arms touched, and I could feel her warmth as it radiated to me. She turned partially sideways so that her mouth was closer to my ear, and started to talk to me. "I've been watching you with your friends since you came in, and now they've left you alone, haven't they? You're a newbie here, and you're not really sure what's going on. You probably saw Mistress Lynx with her two supplicants playing with her titties, and a few other things you probably weren't expecting to see tonight. Would you like me to help you in this place?"

Her mouth had drawn closer still to my ear, and I could feel her warm moist breath as I nodded silently. I knew that she could see me for what I was, lost and alone, the odd man out of the trio, shaken and confused by everything that I was seeing and feeling. "You'll have to trust me. Completely trust tell me, are you willing to trust me?" she said, as she ran her finger around the outside of my ear and down my jawline. She smirked at me yet again, not a smirk of derision, just bemusement perhaps at my predicament.

"Good," she said. Now kiss me to seal the deal, and I'll tell you everything you need to know." She turned my head sideways with the hand that had trailed down to my chin, engaging my lips with her firm mouth, her tongue surprising me by licking back and forth until I opened my mouth, allowing her to push her tongue deep into my mouth, the tip of her tongue doing a maddening dance with mine. I thrust back, and our tongues engaged in her mouth, as I tasted the acrid taste of cocaine dripping down from her nose through her soft palate, that wonderfully forbidden dark taste of naughty and nasty pleasures promised. Her hand continued up the other side of my face, stroking my hair and moving my head back and forth as she gripped tight and pulled me closer to her.

"OK, now let me tell you where you are and how things work."

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