Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year

I've started off my new year with the usual vows to get to the gym more, eat healthier, things like that. But after this morning, perhaps I'll be a bit more diligent in sticking to my regimen. I walked into the gym just after a very pretty woman and her partner/spouse/boyfriend (who can tell at six in the morning). She hung up her coat and walked to the treadmills, keeping on her tight gympants.
She stood and stretched for a minute, getting the earlier morning kinks out. Suddenly she reached behind herself, grabbed the waistband of the tights/pants, and started to take them off. She must have had some sort of brain freeze, or perhaps she just wasn't really awake, because she started to take off her tights and shorts and underwear (if she had any on) all at one time. She rolled them down to just below her ass cheeks and then suddenly realized what she had done, and hastily pulled the boy shorts back up. Embarrassed, she quickly glanced around her to see if anyone had realized what she had done, but just about everyone else was glued to their own screens.
Helluva way to start the year and the day...guess I'll be getting back to the gym more than I might have thought.

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