Tuesday, February 2, 2010


About a year ago I started subscribing to PublicDisgrace.com, where women are "bound, stripped and punished in public." The website comes from kink.com, and I find the submission absolutely breathtaking, especially the shoots done in The Armory in San Francisco. The women run the gamut from thin almost emaciated women with their ribs peeking out to buxom and blowsy blondes with size D or DD breasts. Sometime the women are rank amateurs, in way over their heads, and sometime they're porn actresses who are either earning some spare change or working off some particular fantasy they have. The description of the website is accurate, and they are flogged, face fucked, abused in every way imaginable. They are suspended, choked and smothered, seemingly forced to cum over and over again with a massive vibrator or dildo, they squirt and continue to squirt throughtout the shoot.
I've worked with a trainer at my local gym for many years, switching off as they come and go, employed in an itinerant profession. My latest trainer had me on my hands and knees, lifting an arm forward and pushing the opposing leg backwards, telling me to hold the position.
And so you can well imagine how, when she said "Arch your back!!" I burst into laughter and collapsed on the mat...it was the same phrase, spoken in the same way, that was used on the website to remind the women to stick out their butts, and make their mouths ready for someone's cock.