Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Synchronicity and Magic Moments

This past Wednesday was one of those magic days, those special moments, where for a short enough time, the worries of everyday life away, and the hyper specialness of the day comes forward and overwhelms all.
The Boy graduated, and received his PhD., and in one of those rare envelopes of time and space, everything was right and nothing was wrong. From the opening chimes of the academic processional, the University Wind Band playing William Walton's Crown Imperiale, the honorary degrees, the speakers, that soaring moment when he was "robed" and received the two colored cowl, the ice cream cones after, it was all tick tock like a clock.
Dinner out that evening was attended by the Little Girl as well, her first "fancy" restaurant replete with Shirley Temples, fancy bread, just enough room in the dessert compartment, all of it exactly as it should have been.
There are grave rumblings in Her side of the family, other parents estranged from their children, child playing against child, pitting sister against sister, backbiting emails in the second and third person, the same old he said she said. And it makes all of the past Wednesday all the more crystal clear in its purity and joy.
We get few days like this, when the sun is shining and all is right in the world, and the knowledge of that scarcity makes it all the more potent and powerful.

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Emma Kelly said...

Hi Swordfish,

Nice to have those days. Glad for you.

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