Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One of The Seven Deadly Sins

There's no excuse, really, no excuse at all---my friend says that there can be reasons, but there are no excuses.
Sloth, the inability to find one's way to complete one's tasks---and I've ignored my poor blog.
Not out of lack of something to say...I ALWAYS have something to say, but sometimes I show an inability to say things...that's what the shrink's like the line in Cool Hand Luke "a failure to communicate."
But I'm back at it, and I do have a lot to say...and it will show as the New Year progresses. I want to write about the dating website I joined, continue the tale of Not Enough, hopefully have more new adventures, depart for another high altitude trek and live to tell about it (Annapurna), sing with the NY Phil in June, and experience things I don't even know about just yet.
Thank you to those precious few bloggers who've added me to the blogrolls this year...the newest ones I'm reading (and enjoying) are Bareback Girl, Slut No Bounds, Pandora's Box.
Be safe, happy and healthy in the coming year, dear reader. If we have that, we can all survive the economy, Bernie Madoff, and all the other bad things that come down the pike.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to reading the new stuff.