Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Don't Get It

We've been together long enough so that She can pick out of a crowd the woman or women that I'm attracted to---for the most part, they're of a certain type, both in body type and in facial structure...on tv you'd see them as Jorja Fox of CSI, or the Montana Girl on CSINY...short or shortish, slightly longer than shoulder length dark hair, round face, high cheekbones, and the list goes on. And She's almost never wrong. We agree on them, and we agree in women in general who we think I find pretty or striking.

But what She, and women in general find attractive, is a total mystery to will almost always respond to big boobs, long legs and short skirts, Playboy-type faces. There doesn't seem to be any unified concept of what's sexy for women---Slut No Bounds, among others, will only pick out hardbodies, and I can understand that---it's the equivalent of the kneejerk reaction that men have.

And then She tells me that She thinks Prince is sexy---and I just don't get it. He's not physically imposing, not particularly handsome, skeevy moustache or naked upper lip, OK he's got a tight body but not overwhelmingly impressive---and I just don't get what's sooo sexy about him.

And She can't quite explain it to me either.


Lilly said...

He's got confidence. Confidence is SEXY, he thinks he's sexy and he just oozes that.

Then he does things like this - yes, it's dated, and a little cheesy for that but....ooof.

Kinky Aoefe said...

Many women I know love Johnny Depp, I don't get that either. Too feminine as is Prince to me. George Clooney any day. mmmmm

Spring said...

Prince is sexy the way that David Bowie's a sort of androgynous sexy-ness that is difficult to explain. And very different from the normal hardbody sexy that I generally prefer. I don't understand it enough myself to explain it to someone else.