Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just A Few Random Thoughts #2(?)

I finally got to see Sex And The City this past weekend, and I was surprised by lots of things: the theatre was mostly full (meaning the movie has legs and that I didn't miss the boat), there were mostly couples at the screening I saw (absent the two groups of high school-ish girls sitting in front of me in the third row), the movie itself was surprisingly good, and with the exception of one or two lines played for high humor rather than low jokes. For me, the movie was about friends who always have your back, who always tell you the truth (no matter how painful to say or to hear, something I'm really bad at, for the most part), and who will always do for you. The movie for the most part stayed away from low humor, toilet humor, the let's see how abjectly sex driven the conversation can get. I'm a hetero guy, and so for me it wasn't about the clothes for me, but the wedding dress sequence does indeed loom large.

A couple of female bloggers that I read regularly have, in the past few months, posted about their sexual exploits with other women. It's not necessarily lesbian sex, it's just being pleasured by a woman, and accepting the source of pleasuring from wherever it came. Neither of the women is gay, neither is a raging sub, both are sexual adventurers, both write or expressed positive feelings about the experiences, and neither considers herself gay, as far as I know. Great for them, truly. I just wish there were a similar avenue for men that didn't carry such a taint of homosexuality with it...guys with guys means only one thing---gay sex, whereas girls with girls seems to be able to be a girls just wanna have fun situation. Maybe it's a matter of physiology, maybe it's the whole Mars/Venus thing.

I've been trying for almost a year, the entire life of this blog, to write about music, and I've approached it from several different sides, none of them satisfactory to me, and all of the posts were scrapped before posting...but I have a new slant, and will try yet again (this as the opera Rienzi by Wagner thuds away in the background).

And the fact that this blog is drawing close to its one year old birthday holds some significance, and deserves a larger post than here, about changes for me and mine since its inception, the numbers slut thing, "friends and family", what I've learned.

And then there's always the continuation of Playing With Old Friends.....

Earworm-Rienzi by Wagner


Kinky Aoefe said...

I saw Sex recently. I was tearing up the next day talking to my girl as we recounted our favorite scenes. I went with my mom, sister and my dauther. It was great to be surrounded by women who appreciate female sexuality and don't make it dirty.

I think they did a very good job of the movie and as a fan of the series was worried it would have been tained by a poor effort. No such worries.

The emotion both Charlotte and Carrie portrayed in the chase scene was powerful and still leaves an impression.

Must see movie.

Congrats on your upcoming one year. I too am approaching that marker. Good for us for not stopping!


Spring said...

Never watched the series, won't see the movie. Not my cup of tea.

Two men, now, that's my cup of tea. I've blogged before about what a turn-on that is for me. I regularly do the internet thing looking for just that kind of visual.

slave bootsie said...

Ok what's up with starting to tell a story and leaving us hanging, i was starting to drool. i feel like i just got woke up from a dream just as it was getting to the good part.

By the way Master and i are doing alright, thanks for asking.

s bootsie

Emma Kelly said...

Hey there Swordfish,

My advice regarding the "gay" thing is not to worry about it.

You know me. I try anything lots of times. If I enjoy it, I do it.

"Gay" means to me that you need your primary partner to be male. That's definitely not me. But in the heat of passion anything goes. That's entirely different.


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Lilly said...

This whole country needs to lighten up with sexuality, in general. I don't see anything wrong with a person who is able to sexually play with either gender. Shit, it makes group sex obscenely fun.
I agree with Spring, two men is a turn on for me. My Next Big Fantasy is the MMF threesome where everyone is willing to pleasure everyone.