Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jury Duty-Part II

And as Al Pacino so admirably said in one of the Godfather films, "Just when I think I'm getting out, they drag me back in."
And so it is with jury duty...this morning I received a call from the court clerk, telling me that the judge would like to reconvene the jury to ask us some questions, in order to preserve the verdict. My life goes on hold yet again, both the personal and professional parts of it, as I wait to find out which of the time blocks the judicial system would like to access,


slave bootsie said...

Hi Swordfish,
Thanks for the email, sorry for the Jury Duty, YUK!!! Hopefully you will be done with it completely very VERY soon.
Hey can i invite myself onto your Blogroll :-)

Take Care
s bootsie

swordfish155 said...

as ALL my friends know, i'm the luddite in the pile, technologically challenged. but i have a firm promise from my good friend viviane to help me redo the blogroll, delete the dead blogs about which i rail on, and put in the new ones...you're certainly among them.