Thursday, October 18, 2007

Part I-A Question of Terms

I grew up in the big city, She grew up in a very small village, where everybody knew everybody else's business. Or so it seemed. Her best friend had a child while still in high school, after the requisite shotgun marriage (do I have to explain what that means?), and She became the little girl's godmother. As time progressed, She and her friend drifted apart, as life changed. We still see the daughter from time to time in the village; she's grown into a lovely, capable, and accomplished woman.

This summer, She and I met her friend, whom She hadn't spent any sort of time with in a very long time. The friend was in town from Florida with her husband (ten years younger), and so we invited them over for drinks in the late afternoon. He is the beverage manager at a large restaurant where they live, and so he wound up managing the drinks. During the course of the two hours together, each of them remarked more than once on how much they liked their lifestyle (not in caps) and how much they liked to party.

The time ended and we all vowed to remain in better contact, leaving the ball in their court for when they came north. To me, when somebody tells you they love to party, and they're married or in a relationship, it's code word for open relationship, and that's what I took it to mean, while She just thinks that they like to have a good time.

Is this the usual male/female dichotomy, or am I hearing something that just isn't part of her vocabulary in any fashion?

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