Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Times They Are A Changin'

It's come as something of a surprise to me to find out that after all these years, I really want somebody to take charge, someone to take the lead, to initiate the activity and set the pace. I want to be done to, rather than be to doer, and I want the feeling of surrendering to somebody else's desires. I've always like the bottom in intercourse, and now I'm finding out that I want to be that bottom.

But She's never comfortable with that direction, never one to be the doer rather than the done to, and so I'm still forced to turn the key and start things up. I've discussed it with Her over the years, and the conversations always seem to stick for a little bit, She becomes aggressive and the aggressor, but then it all lapses back.

We've been together longer than not, and it's hard to think about how to change this thing without changing everything, because the whole picture is fine.
Except this.

Earworm-Stealers Wheel-Stuck in the Middle With You

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