Monday, September 14, 2009

Was I Supposed To Look---redux

A while back, I posed the question as to whether I was supposed to look at the bodies of women as they moved back and forth in the gym...the women in black tights, bright colored leotards over the tights, crotch bound with tiny bright colored strings caught between their buttcheeks., whether women with deep cleavage and exposed boobs wanted to be ogled and checked out and admired.
And the response was a resounding YES!!
And so I was shocked this morning, as I was walking down the street to my garage. A woman approached me, still dressed for summer despite the cool weather in the NYC morning. She had on a blouse with a very deep V, her boobs were large, propped up, and jiggled as she walked towards me.
And I looked, first at her tits and then at her face.
And she mouthed the words "Fuck You," as she walked by.
Did I miss something here? Was I not supposed to stare and admire what was on display? Was the display meant for someone, but not for me? Was I rude for looking even though she was generous in her showing herself off?
Sometimes I'm soooo confused.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it was an invitation ;)

Spring said...

I hate women like that.