Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I've listened to the Metropolitan Opera on Saturday afternoons since I was in college. At times I pay attention and sometimes it's just background music for something else. I've never studied the music, never learned the plots, always just listened and enjoyed. Two Saturdays ago, the opera was Siegfried by Richard Wagner, and during one of the lengthy intermissions, several extremely well known singers, Rene Fleming among them, came on and talked about the encouragement that they received as winners of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions.

This post is just a thank you to the people at fleshbot, who three times this year have selected something I've written to include in one of the postings. It's nice, no it's wonderful to be recognized for something you do, and being picked to be featured makes my heart soar. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I' m not really a numbers slut, and if I'm lucky I may gain one or two permanent readers for my periodic musings, but the recognition factor makes my heart soar like a hawk, as Chief Dan George said in the movie Little Big Man.

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