Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Me and The Internet

I have just a few lingering complaints about the internet and how it works:

---We all visit websites that are by invitation only, and I'm always thankful to bloggers that invite me in, and take me along when they travel from address to address...many readers here will also visit toy, joy shared, slut no bounds, dirty little details, to name but a few that I read regularly, and I truly am thankful for the question is this---why, when I sign in each time and check the box that says remember me, do I have to sign in the next time, why doesn't the remember me part stick?

---I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but my feeling is if a blog is out there in public, I find it offputting when some of the postings become private/by invitation only. I'm not talking about the type of blog that was written up in the NYT several months ago, and read by thousands daily. I'm referring to a relatively, as far as I can see, small or medium sized readership, the story of four people, two couples, in what I read is a polyamorous relationship...if it's just for the four of them, why is it public to begin with?

---I can't remember if I ranted about this before, but it's still irking me big time. We all look at youporn, redtube, any number of other sites, just because we want to get off on what we see. A week or so ago, I stumbled across a three minute clip from a porn flick that I had seen about 5-7 years ago, called Crack Whores Of The Tenderloin, produced locally by someone here in NYC, one of the best things I'd ever seen. BUT NO CREDIT GIVEN!!! Be honest, give kudos where they are due, and don't steal from other people w/o some sort of disclaimer.

That's enought crankiness about the change to gmail is coming soon...or soon enough.


Kinky Aoefe said...

Oh sorry about not remembering your sign in, I didn't know that happened. How annoying. But that said I don't think I can fix it.

In terms of the private thing, for me its a bit of paranoia. I feel a little less paranoid with the invite thingy.

Miss Honey said...

I have one two blogs that are private that I have been invited to, but that whole thing of saying remember me... when it never does... annoys the holy heck out of me as well.

Thanks for the rants. I feel so much better now.