Monday, August 25, 2008

Just A Few Random Thoughts (#3)

Emma of Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse has written a brilliant post about cuckolding, being a slave, opening up a marriage. Read it at

I recently started to read Paul Theroux's latest book, Ghost Train To The Eastern Star. He's long been a favorite travel writer, albeit wildly opionated and a great generalizer. Some things he says resonate far beyond the book-talking about a motorway in Europe and why it looks dreary and imitative, he says "because it is imitative and looks hackneyed and unstylish and ill fitting, the way no European looks quite right in a baseball cap." And about the local porn in Budapest, "...a country's pornography offers the quckest insight into the culture and inner life of a nation, and especially the male character, I went in and assessed the gooods. It was grubby stuff, which included bestiality (dogs and women), very fat people, very hairy people, a sideline in gay cruelty, and every German perversion."

And like most of the population of the USA, I've been watching the Olympics for the past two weeks...and I'M IN LOVE WITH SUE BIRD. It's so far beyond me how she can look sooo serene running the floor, hair always in place, makeup perfect and unsmeared, great smile, wonderfully full lips.

It's good for me that the summer is almost over. I spend a fair amount of time sitting on the beach with the same group of people day after day on vacation, and weekend after weekend. I'm in the very small cultural minority, and they all sometimes forget that I am what I am, and out come the biggoted remarks. They're all old friends who usually control themselves, and I usually try to zone out when something gets said. But it's getting closer and closer to my saying something, and so Labor Day can't come soon enough.

Earworm-RL Burnside, Everything is Broken

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