Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What I Said I'd Never Do

I never meant to make this blog the evil stepchild, the onerous chore that gets stuffed into the corner, glowering out, lurking, wanting attention, needing attention, demanding that someone pay attention to it, nourish it, feed it, make it whole and complete.

My life normally becomes borderline intolerable in the first four months of the year---I'm an accountant, and it's always been this way...I spend all day and much of the evening working, talking with clients, being the messenger that they want to shoot. And the amount of time consumed by obsessing about things has been compounded by an Everest of difficulties with Her, learning new techniques to deal with the difficulties, dealing with Her with the difficulties. Just having my thoughts work overtime, going to sleep thinking about things, waking up thinking about things, waking up in the middle of the night thinking about things, all of that has totalled me, left me with precious few nice thoughts and images.

But I want desperately to stay with this blog. It forces me to think and write things in an organized fashion, and elicits comments that sometimes make things clearer.

Be patient, o readers. I'm working on it.