Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hands Down

I absolutely confess to watching entirely too much nighttime television, especially at the beginning of the network season in the fall, when loads of new shows come on and there is a winnowing out process. One of the new shows I've attached to (and which has been granted approval for filming the rest of its season) is The Event, Mondays at 9PM.
One of the starts is Laura Innes, a durable tv actress, and most remembered as the longtime head of the emergency room on ER. In a recent episode, she is being interrogated by the President of the United States. She is seated at a long table, with her hands flat on the table, a fairly uncommon pose or position. A bell went off in my head as she maintained the position, and I realized that the position signified a deeper submission that a prisoner or a suspect would normally present.
It took me a minute or two to realized that the position was one that toy had exhibited on her blog recently, as she sucked off DL during a recent assignation. You can see it on her blog on October 12th, if you just click here and then scroll down here:
It's a completely submissive posture that toy strikes, no hands, just her mouth servicing her Master, and the similarity to the position that Laura Innes assumed was just too close to be coincidental.

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